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Engery Star 3 Design, Alexandria, Virginia

Project Snapshot
Property Type New Home
Year Built 2013
Square Feet 7,500

This Sustainable Energy Star 3.0 home was designed for
Mr. and Mrs. Reinke’s of Alexandria, Virginia. Their vision of a long-term residence, provided the foundation for investing in an Energy 3 Star home. The Reinke's purchased a property with an existing house on a quiet cul-de-sac adjacent to a public park. The program included demolishing the existing structure and constructing a new, energy efficient home featuring the Air Tight ZIP system by Huber Engineering.  This created a comfortable home for the Reinke Family which will enjoyed for years to come. The new structure is approximately 7,500 square feet, and includes two floors and a basement.
Great Seal worked closely with Energy Resource Management to develop sustainable designs that met our client’s energy requirements, beginning by identifying existing components from the original house for re-use and by employing benchmarking and modeling to develop a cost analysis of the home’s energy envelope. The efficiency of geo-thermal heating and cooling was identified as the most energy efficient by ERM who also provided recommendations for a water recovery system and smart technology program that included the management of wireless internet, cable television, pool equipment, cistern, and home security. The project is expected to be concluded at the end of 2013.